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[04 Aug 2006|12:07pm]

I haven't forgotten this lovely community. I don't have internet right now.

so here's a catching up session.

how is everyone? learn any new techniques? got a new favorite MA movie, show or game? any advice? random banter?

till next time, hopefully real soon take care and train well.
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all weather sparring [06 Jan 2006|02:18am]

how many of you continue to apply techniques in a non structured manner in rain, snow, hurricanes, etc and what did you learn while doing so
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Intro [04 Jan 2006|11:24am]

name/alias- Gareth

Your style of fighting- Military unarmed combat CQB (Todd School)

Tournaments yes/no- NA (we don't do tornaments in CQB)

Explain your favorite technique- Toss up between the deadly shift (elbow elbow chin jab) and the axe kick.

Give an experience with sparring (first or favorite (or what ever))- NA (see above)

Just joined to see what was here.
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Thought I'd breathe a little life back into this community, if only for a bit... [17 Oct 2005|04:18pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Roight, so I'm thinking about signing up for the next kick boxing tournament at the New Daisy in Memphis. From what I've heard, it's real fun... Though most of the guys are really inexperienced, but hey, so am I. I've never fought professionally (unless you count bets being placed on fights), and I'm not sure about it, all together. I'm sure things have changed since when my father was into it, but he says that people were permanently put out of comission by way of knee injury quite frequently. Now, mind you, I don't care about a broken nose or rib here or there... But my greatest fear is losing control over or use of any part of me. And it would be the greatest blow ever dealt not to be able to practice at my fullest anymore. Anyway... This next part is cross posted from a few places...

One of the greatest mysteries of life: Why does it hurt more when I stub my toe than when I'm taking a serious ass whooping?

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back to action [26 Apr 2005|06:20pm]

got back to jacksonville last week and spent everyday at the school training, i was impressed with how little time it took for me to get right back to training sure i got the blood beat out of me the first few days, and my forearms and left side are riddled with bruises but hey small price to pay my brothers on the other hand get more and more deadly, they have new combos and new moves that i had to crash learn i got caught with my jaw open once and had to eat smoothies only for a few days heh but i really need to get some people here in nashville to train with that i dont have to pay anyone nearby?
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hope this is allowed [14 Apr 2005|01:32pm]

i started a community for all you UFC fans. here is the link:


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[10 Apr 2005|02:41am]

so dunno if anyone was watching ultamite fighter on spike tv they had the finals tonight it was a live ufc event on tv, the people fighting didnt look like super humans which was cool, i think ufc is finally starting to realize that no one wants to pay to see guys rolling around on the floor and tapping out, there was a great slugg festthat lasted the full 3 five minute rounds it was probably the BEST ufc fight ive ever seen, which i really havent seen that much but damn that was exciting, also im going to florida "northeast" from the 16th to the 24th so if anyone is around there and would like to train or spar let me know
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[23 Mar 2005|06:52pm]

so who has had their instructor spar them with one hand behind his back

man thats frustrating

but if your footwork is good enough...
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[17 Mar 2005|05:59pm]

I need someone with Skills in the MA and computers... be a moderator with me on this community...


read the rules, Join
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www.punchofdeath.com [08 Mar 2005|03:46pm]

Hey everyone.

My roommate and I are posting a large amount of sparring footage from our school and our house on our new web site.


Please feel free to browse and let me know what you think.
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[08 Mar 2005|05:05pm]

I had the most amazing workout in Wing Chun last night….I can barely feel my arms. What’s funny, is that it would’ve taken me about 2 hours of the exercises we did in American karate to get what took us about 15 minutes in Wing Chun.
I loved it
In karate, when we're building endurance and precision, we focus on doing as many fast exercises as possible.
Wing Chun is very different. Last night, we worked with qi. For example, for a low kick we stood there on one foot for about five minutes bending our knee slowly up and down visualizing the perfect kick
Each time we went down we would breath out to release energy (we did use this technique in karate...but I think It's fairly universal)
Never once did we actually extend our legs into a kick...it was all mental and my leg definitely FELT like I'd been kicking something the whole time :-P .
Maybe traditional karate is different, but I guess what we were doing in the states is more body to mind, and this is more mind to body...
I don’t prefer one to the other, and I think whichever one benefits you more depends on who you are...but it's definitely a good thing to know and I’m excited about learning more.
Personally, I think for speed in kicks I'll keep up with how I trained in karate (for me, wing chun punches will be faster than those I learned in karate any day)....at least until I learn something else in Wing Chun, but for precision I think this is the best way

Does anyone know of any similar exercises?
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[06 Mar 2005|10:24pm]

ok this is dumb but i was thinking of what to do when an average person charges you. then i figured i'd translate the terms into japanese as best i could so it would sound cool.

when someone charges you time their running and preform a Keru-Kansetsu-Jutsu (Kick kneecap techninque) and follow up with Uchinuku-Zengaku-Jutsu(punch forehead/ temple technique).

i've actually caught myself thinking about stuff like this a lot, I guess to keep my mind sharp. i also thought of a defense against a kick to your side from a normal standing postion. but i'll not bore you with that. feel free to share Techniques you've used or made up.
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[06 Mar 2005|04:36am]

A name/alias- chris yau *cantonese chinese name yau chi chuen

Your style of fighting- wing chun

Tournaments yes/no- if yes, rewards- nope, I think it'd be fun to though, maybe one day

Explain your favorite technique- my favourite technique is the bong sao to back hand fist, so fast and powerful very effective attack

Give an experience with sparring (first or favorite (or what ever))-
this ended up being much more of a fight
It was with this shotokan karate guy, we were both at this party and he had been talking about karate all night. He talked really highly about himself and karate, and he kept saying that wing chun was all trapping and it couldn't work. At this point i was getting so frustrated i really wanted it to prove to him that it's more than that, then he suggests we spar. I kind of got a little scared cause he had more experience than i did, he was a couple years older and a bigger guy.So we start going at it in my friends kitchen! he went for a side kick, which i used a low stop kick to his supporting leg/near simulataneous knee to his kicking leg and a tan sao to his lead arm swift series of chain punches later he was a lot nicer :D. lesson is, don't be cocky. and when in doubt. chain punch!

Any sparring advice?
don't think just react, and stay focused!
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[05 Mar 2005|01:49am]

I missed the higher level class thursday because it was my mum's birthday...so I went to the beginner's class tonight instead.
I'm actually really glad I went. It's important to remember where we start off from to understand where we're going...and i was surprised by how much more active physical elements they put into their work. I think in my regular class we get just as much of a work out...but it's slow and more focused

still, tonight reminded me that i need to keep up the weight training and not to skimp on my crunches.

anyhow, I noticed something that bothers me
in Wing Chun the legs/feet are sort of extras for the hands...your hands and arms do all the work
but tonight we were practicing kicks
in karate you bend your knee...extend....return...set down all in a fluid movement, of course..but sifu would simply have us lift our leg very quick with the foot rotated outward....the knee NOT bent
this is to break your oppents knee
i admit, it is fast, but if i so much as forget to turn my foot at the appropriate angle I could KILL my own knee...and it's frustrating because i can't get it above ear level or so ...but i guess wing chun ISN'T supposed to be showy
i've already torn the ACL and ICL on my right leg in a track injury...ohwell, i guess you take some skills and you leave some...but Wing Chun is supposed to be the most non-injury-prone style...and i havn't hurt myself yet, i'm determined to get this kick down pat.
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Point sparring to a full out battery [03 Mar 2005|10:06pm]

Tonight was the first time I sparred my sensei since before I took the hiatus three years ago. The class started out with just sparring other students on a simple point basis (I hate it, but it's easy to fall into its pattern.), and I was whooping up on everyone I faced... Until I faced Sensei Little. I got in a good side kick that drove him back a few feet. After that, I held my own fairly well, until he got inside my defenses, and I remembered that he also hates point sparring, as he tore into me with a barrage of punches and slams... I finally managed to break away, and as we were about to go at it again, someone on the sidelines shouted, "He's bleeding!" Sensei Little looked up from his next target (somewhere in my torso area), and look of shock came over his face. I looked in the mirror, and much to my surprise, what I thought was sweat was a thick stream of blood that had seeped down my upper lip into my mouth and down my chin. I wanted to continue (I sure as hell would have in the underground circuit, but he made me go into the bathroom and treat it. He refused to spar me for the rest of the night, so I went back to point sparring for the rest of the class. But man, I've missed this feeling of bruises and smashed flesh... I haven't felt alive like this since last September when the circuit was shut down. Haha. I feel like shouting WOO HOO as is the custom 'round these here parts (Tennessee). Heh.

Downside though... He's making me get a face shield. Grrr.
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1st entry [01 Mar 2005|04:17pm]

A name/alias- She Si Va (cantonese name my Sifu gave me... it can actually only be written in characters, so that's phoenetic.)

Your style of fighting- I started off in Karate when I was 5 and stopped when I was 8 due to two different hiking injuries... I started back end of my sophomore year of high school and achieved my brown belt
This past august I moved to China and had to halt my American Karate and I started Mai Gei Wong Wing Chun (Sifu's father was the late Chinese Gradmaster)
I miss my karate, but I have to admit that I'm learning so much from Wing Chun...and it's intense, but we don't have belts

Tournaments yes/no- if yes, rewards- Yes, East West Karate Tourn of Champions trophy for forms and medal for bo staff

Explain your favorite technique-three fast kicks starting off at chest then thigh then knee topped off with a surprise hook kick to the head
( I miss this as we don't do many high kicks in wing chun)

Give an experience with sparring (first or favorite (or what ever))-hmm this started of as a legitimate spar against my instructor but ended up with four of us chasing each other around with bo staffs and then tackling each other. :-p

Any sparring advice?-If your short or tall (unless it's extreme) don't try and stretch your punches up or down in a spar. Work on speed and power because there are weak points all over the body...
hmm.... if your instructing and don't intend to supervice closely, don't pair up levels below red belt that are too different... pairing a blue belt with an orange belt just creates ball-knockers
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A chance to Talk about Fighting from My Part!! [17 Feb 2005|11:22pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Tonight’s Kung Fu class was GREAT!
We started with some one count one move on the fook Fu, then some breathing and stances. I really enjoyed the breathing and stances cause we had never really done anything like that and it was pretty powerful! Sifu then said my five favorite words in the world “Go put your equipment on!” I was so happy!!!
I first fought Diana, went pretty good, on my part, she was a very competitive fighter tonight; she just almost ripped my eye out like three times! Hahah, but I guess I hurt her foot {Yes, Again} I liked fighting her tonight!
Then for some reason, I got to fight Pierre, I got one good kick on him, but that’s it, he punched me in the head a few times, but you know, tough it up!
Finally the moment everyone was waiting for, (mainly just me) I fought Kenny. My hatred for this guy is unbelievable, so I made it personal! I hate this guy cause he only uses sidekicks and his dad’s a real asshole! (Fortunately for me, his dad was there tonight too!) We started off calmly nothing amazing until he started to side kick me and back away. If there’s something I hate in sparring, it’s people who back away all the time, I like full contact from both sides, and it enthralls me and pushes me to my extreme. However much I dislike Kenny, I have to say, and we’re on the same level of fighting. He hits hard and I hit often. Finally Suzuki boy decided to start side kicking me. I could only take so much, but I won most of the rounds for hitting the head faster and blocking his kicks, which were way too obvious. I guess I have a thing for looking in the opponent’s eye and this particular opponent never looks back! So it’s really easy to say what his next move is gonna be! After about 5 rounds he started to really annoy me with his kicks, and Sifu seemed to be way too interested in our fight to let us stop! He came for a side kick to the stomach, and I slightly turned to the right and put my knee up and attempted a kick. Movie moment right there, his back leg gave out, I kneed him in the groin, but not close to the family I guess and he falls almost FLAT on to his face, fortunately for me, he caught himself on time and pulled his elbows out to break his fall from breaking his face! His dad didn’t seem to impress Mr. Blue Belt was getting his ass kicked by a beginner Yellow GIRL! Oh my!!! There were many more great moments, but I feel that was THE ONE! I felt so proud, but yet so exhausted after about 10 rounds of fighting! It was a good time!

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Your Opinion [17 Feb 2005|03:25pm]

[ mood | productive ]

What techniques/attacks are the most difficult to defend (block, dogde, counter, etc.)?

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Something to be said for XMA [11 Feb 2005|03:56pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

When I was first starting out in the local underground circuit, I was a big target for people because word got around that I was a blackbelt, and from that point on, I had a target painted on my forehead. Now, a few weeks went by, and I kept winning fight after fight after fight, until I finally crossed paths with a fellow martial artist. He was actually fairly new to the circuit; he'd been there only twice before (I'd been there maybe five times), but he was a second degree black in Tae Kwon Do. Being that I didn't have (still really don't have) very much respect for modern Tae Kwon Do, I said it would be my pleasure to take him down. And so the fight began.

Things started off very slowly. We stood staring at each other, analyzing each other's posture, stance, and musculature. I started things off with a blitz (unfortunately, this was before I had even heard of Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin, or Tai Chi...), and he merely flipped backward, completely throwing me off my intentions. "What the hell was that?" I joked with him. "A basic backflip. And this is called a flying corkscrew!" He charged me, jumped, and nailed me in the shoulder with some kind of odd spinning head butt. He stumbled a bit afterward. I think it hurt him a hell of a lot more than it did me. I rubbed my arm and calmly asked if he was ok. As soon as he gave the thumbs up, I charged with another blitz. He tried to back flip out of it again, but as his feet came up, I grabbed them and slammed him into the ground. From that point, he didn't really try anymore acrobatics, and it was all out trading blows. We drew quite a crowd. I did a few joint blocks (This is what I call them; I'm sure they have another name, but it's when you deflect a strike and drive the block into a joint or pressure point. It hurts like hell.), and he started limping. At the last of the little skirmish, he picked up his front leg to do what I assumed was going to be a pop front kick, so I dropped to do a spinning hook sweep, but much to my dismay, he flew into the air above me, spun, and nailed me in the side of the head with an outside croissant kick. I was stunned, and he used the opportunity to nail me in the ribs a few times. At that point, I had to tap out.

I faced him again a few weeks before the cops broke up the circuit, and by that time we had both picked up a bit more; he'd been exposed to Hapkido, Tang Soo Do, Judo, and Capoeira; and I, to Jeet Kune Do, Bei Shaolin kung fu system, and Tai Chi Chuan. That one ended almost instantly: as he attempted to do a hand stand kick, I pull sweeped his hand out from under him, and he fell flat on his face and gave up.

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[09 Feb 2005|04:49pm]

I was doing a lot of bag work last night, involving several punch cycles, and it wore away a layer of skin on the back of my knuckles. Does anyone have any suggestions for toughening up the skin... Or what to do until the next layer down toughens up?
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