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Thought I'd breathe a little life back into this community, if only for a bit...

Roight, so I'm thinking about signing up for the next kick boxing tournament at the New Daisy in Memphis. From what I've heard, it's real fun... Though most of the guys are really inexperienced, but hey, so am I. I've never fought professionally (unless you count bets being placed on fights), and I'm not sure about it, all together. I'm sure things have changed since when my father was into it, but he says that people were permanently put out of comission by way of knee injury quite frequently. Now, mind you, I don't care about a broken nose or rib here or there... But my greatest fear is losing control over or use of any part of me. And it would be the greatest blow ever dealt not to be able to practice at my fullest anymore. Anyway... This next part is cross posted from a few places...

One of the greatest mysteries of life: Why does it hurt more when I stub my toe than when I'm taking a serious ass whooping?
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