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Something to be said for XMA

When I was first starting out in the local underground circuit, I was a big target for people because word got around that I was a blackbelt, and from that point on, I had a target painted on my forehead. Now, a few weeks went by, and I kept winning fight after fight after fight, until I finally crossed paths with a fellow martial artist. He was actually fairly new to the circuit; he'd been there only twice before (I'd been there maybe five times), but he was a second degree black in Tae Kwon Do. Being that I didn't have (still really don't have) very much respect for modern Tae Kwon Do, I said it would be my pleasure to take him down. And so the fight began.

Things started off very slowly. We stood staring at each other, analyzing each other's posture, stance, and musculature. I started things off with a blitz (unfortunately, this was before I had even heard of Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin, or Tai Chi...), and he merely flipped backward, completely throwing me off my intentions. "What the hell was that?" I joked with him. "A basic backflip. And this is called a flying corkscrew!" He charged me, jumped, and nailed me in the shoulder with some kind of odd spinning head butt. He stumbled a bit afterward. I think it hurt him a hell of a lot more than it did me. I rubbed my arm and calmly asked if he was ok. As soon as he gave the thumbs up, I charged with another blitz. He tried to back flip out of it again, but as his feet came up, I grabbed them and slammed him into the ground. From that point, he didn't really try anymore acrobatics, and it was all out trading blows. We drew quite a crowd. I did a few joint blocks (This is what I call them; I'm sure they have another name, but it's when you deflect a strike and drive the block into a joint or pressure point. It hurts like hell.), and he started limping. At the last of the little skirmish, he picked up his front leg to do what I assumed was going to be a pop front kick, so I dropped to do a spinning hook sweep, but much to my dismay, he flew into the air above me, spun, and nailed me in the side of the head with an outside croissant kick. I was stunned, and he used the opportunity to nail me in the ribs a few times. At that point, I had to tap out.

I faced him again a few weeks before the cops broke up the circuit, and by that time we had both picked up a bit more; he'd been exposed to Hapkido, Tang Soo Do, Judo, and Capoeira; and I, to Jeet Kune Do, Bei Shaolin kung fu system, and Tai Chi Chuan. That one ended almost instantly: as he attempted to do a hand stand kick, I pull sweeped his hand out from under him, and he fell flat on his face and gave up.
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