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A chance to Talk about Fighting from My Part!!

Tonight’s Kung Fu class was GREAT!
We started with some one count one move on the fook Fu, then some breathing and stances. I really enjoyed the breathing and stances cause we had never really done anything like that and it was pretty powerful! Sifu then said my five favorite words in the world “Go put your equipment on!” I was so happy!!!
I first fought Diana, went pretty good, on my part, she was a very competitive fighter tonight; she just almost ripped my eye out like three times! Hahah, but I guess I hurt her foot {Yes, Again} I liked fighting her tonight!
Then for some reason, I got to fight Pierre, I got one good kick on him, but that’s it, he punched me in the head a few times, but you know, tough it up!
Finally the moment everyone was waiting for, (mainly just me) I fought Kenny. My hatred for this guy is unbelievable, so I made it personal! I hate this guy cause he only uses sidekicks and his dad’s a real asshole! (Fortunately for me, his dad was there tonight too!) We started off calmly nothing amazing until he started to side kick me and back away. If there’s something I hate in sparring, it’s people who back away all the time, I like full contact from both sides, and it enthralls me and pushes me to my extreme. However much I dislike Kenny, I have to say, and we’re on the same level of fighting. He hits hard and I hit often. Finally Suzuki boy decided to start side kicking me. I could only take so much, but I won most of the rounds for hitting the head faster and blocking his kicks, which were way too obvious. I guess I have a thing for looking in the opponent’s eye and this particular opponent never looks back! So it’s really easy to say what his next move is gonna be! After about 5 rounds he started to really annoy me with his kicks, and Sifu seemed to be way too interested in our fight to let us stop! He came for a side kick to the stomach, and I slightly turned to the right and put my knee up and attempted a kick. Movie moment right there, his back leg gave out, I kneed him in the groin, but not close to the family I guess and he falls almost FLAT on to his face, fortunately for me, he caught himself on time and pulled his elbows out to break his fall from breaking his face! His dad didn’t seem to impress Mr. Blue Belt was getting his ass kicked by a beginner Yellow GIRL! Oh my!!! There were many more great moments, but I feel that was THE ONE! I felt so proud, but yet so exhausted after about 10 rounds of fighting! It was a good time!
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