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I Sing In The Shower

1st entry

A name/alias- She Si Va (cantonese name my Sifu gave me... it can actually only be written in characters, so that's phoenetic.)

Your style of fighting- I started off in Karate when I was 5 and stopped when I was 8 due to two different hiking injuries... I started back end of my sophomore year of high school and achieved my brown belt
This past august I moved to China and had to halt my American Karate and I started Mai Gei Wong Wing Chun (Sifu's father was the late Chinese Gradmaster)
I miss my karate, but I have to admit that I'm learning so much from Wing Chun...and it's intense, but we don't have belts

Tournaments yes/no- if yes, rewards- Yes, East West Karate Tourn of Champions trophy for forms and medal for bo staff

Explain your favorite technique-three fast kicks starting off at chest then thigh then knee topped off with a surprise hook kick to the head
( I miss this as we don't do many high kicks in wing chun)

Give an experience with sparring (first or favorite (or what ever))-hmm this started of as a legitimate spar against my instructor but ended up with four of us chasing each other around with bo staffs and then tackling each other. :-p

Any sparring advice?-If your short or tall (unless it's extreme) don't try and stretch your punches up or down in a spar. Work on speed and power because there are weak points all over the body...
hmm.... if your instructing and don't intend to supervice closely, don't pair up levels below red belt that are too different... pairing a blue belt with an orange belt just creates ball-knockers
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