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Point sparring to a full out battery

Tonight was the first time I sparred my sensei since before I took the hiatus three years ago. The class started out with just sparring other students on a simple point basis (I hate it, but it's easy to fall into its pattern.), and I was whooping up on everyone I faced... Until I faced Sensei Little. I got in a good side kick that drove him back a few feet. After that, I held my own fairly well, until he got inside my defenses, and I remembered that he also hates point sparring, as he tore into me with a barrage of punches and slams... I finally managed to break away, and as we were about to go at it again, someone on the sidelines shouted, "He's bleeding!" Sensei Little looked up from his next target (somewhere in my torso area), and look of shock came over his face. I looked in the mirror, and much to my surprise, what I thought was sweat was a thick stream of blood that had seeped down my upper lip into my mouth and down my chin. I wanted to continue (I sure as hell would have in the underground circuit, but he made me go into the bathroom and treat it. He refused to spar me for the rest of the night, so I went back to point sparring for the rest of the class. But man, I've missed this feeling of bruises and smashed flesh... I haven't felt alive like this since last September when the circuit was shut down. Haha. I feel like shouting WOO HOO as is the custom 'round these here parts (Tennessee). Heh.

Downside though... He's making me get a face shield. Grrr.
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