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I haven't forgotten this lovely community. I don't have internet right now.

so here's a catching up session.

how is everyone? learn any new techniques? got a new favorite MA movie, show or game? any advice? random banter?

till next time, hopefully real soon take care and train well.
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name/alias- Gareth

Your style of fighting- Military unarmed combat CQB (Todd School)

Tournaments yes/no- NA (we don't do tornaments in CQB)

Explain your favorite technique- Toss up between the deadly shift (elbow elbow chin jab) and the axe kick.

Give an experience with sparring (first or favorite (or what ever))- NA (see above)

Just joined to see what was here.

Thought I'd breathe a little life back into this community, if only for a bit...

Roight, so I'm thinking about signing up for the next kick boxing tournament at the New Daisy in Memphis. From what I've heard, it's real fun... Though most of the guys are really inexperienced, but hey, so am I. I've never fought professionally (unless you count bets being placed on fights), and I'm not sure about it, all together. I'm sure things have changed since when my father was into it, but he says that people were permanently put out of comission by way of knee injury quite frequently. Now, mind you, I don't care about a broken nose or rib here or there... But my greatest fear is losing control over or use of any part of me. And it would be the greatest blow ever dealt not to be able to practice at my fullest anymore. Anyway... This next part is cross posted from a few places...

One of the greatest mysteries of life: Why does it hurt more when I stub my toe than when I'm taking a serious ass whooping?
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back to action

got back to jacksonville last week and spent everyday at the school training, i was impressed with how little time it took for me to get right back to training sure i got the blood beat out of me the first few days, and my forearms and left side are riddled with bruises but hey small price to pay my brothers on the other hand get more and more deadly, they have new combos and new moves that i had to crash learn i got caught with my jaw open once and had to eat smoothies only for a few days heh but i really need to get some people here in nashville to train with that i dont have to pay anyone nearby?

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so dunno if anyone was watching ultamite fighter on spike tv they had the finals tonight it was a live ufc event on tv, the people fighting didnt look like super humans which was cool, i think ufc is finally starting to realize that no one wants to pay to see guys rolling around on the floor and tapping out, there was a great slugg festthat lasted the full 3 five minute rounds it was probably the BEST ufc fight ive ever seen, which i really havent seen that much but damn that was exciting, also im going to florida "northeast" from the 16th to the 24th so if anyone is around there and would like to train or spar let me know